Justine Peters

It’s funny. I don’t even remembr how I found Iboga, or you, but the gift I have received is something I wish every person in the world could feel. In my visions, I stood above the world, looked down and saw millions of people walking on city streets, driving, talking on cell phone and I heard an endless “go, go, go, go, go, go….” I yelled down to them and said “Wait a minute. Look up here! Look at this! Stop!” Iboga is Gift from God and I don’t know why it has not been given to the world, to heal and move forward. I never knew…


I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m really impressed with the results so far. I’ve went from taking 4mg a day of suboxone to a .25 mg in a matter of almost a week. I also went from almost 2 packs of cigarettes a day to not even finishing a full cigarette since last Thursday. I am feeling like a burden is lifting off of me. Thank you guys so much for this second chance on life.


Hi, Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone. Microdosing worked great + am in much better place now.


Alexander And Family

Hi IBOGASALES..just a quick hello to let you guys know how i did after my treatment..today is Feb 4th 2017..i did my treatment FEB 4th last year..ive been methadone free since and off everything else..life is amazing..id like to thank you all..your service is invaluable..keep up the great work….id like to thank you personally for your phone calls..they kept me going..hopefully i get a chance to thank you on the phone in the future..Cheers..

Matt Magaudda

received the package! thank you so much brother! i really need this second chance at life sending my love and respect

Sarah New Zealand 2017

Hello Buy Iboga and members, here is my Iboga Experience i want to share with you all. First of all i will never forget this experience. I totally had no clue if it was possible to get rid of my addiction. I found some Iboga suppliers online and decided to contact 3 of them. Just as little about after i contacted Buy Iboga Online they replied my email. They asked me what my purposes where to use the Ibogaine for.

They helped me a lot the way of getting information, placing the right order with the Iboga products i needed to do my treatment. I have done the treatment last month and i have to say it was a very nice experience for me. I had totally no withdrawls and had good insight feelings and dreams. From that moment i realised why i started using drugs, and that it absolutly was not the way to resolve any problems with drugs. Now i haven`t used any kind of drugs from 11-08-2017 and i now for sure i will never use it again. So i can tell you these people at Buy Iboga Online now what they are doing and are here for only one reason, helping as much addicted people as they can. I my lord what have they helped me. Now my life is starting for real.

Lovely blessings


Hello Buy Iboga Online and Echu. It`s so amazing how Iboga have changed my life.
It is hardly to believe but it`s a fact, and i have to say i have a life now because of you all at Buy Iboga Online.
For the past 24 years i was an Heroin addict ( i am 48 now ) and living as an Heroin addict is hard. But even i always new that the heroin destroyed me and my life i had years and years ago i never had the change or the strain t to get rid of it.
Lost almost all my friends, and only had some addict friends but that was not what i needed.
So then one day a couple of months ago i contacted you “Buy Iboga Online” and there was ECHU, he answered my first mail and my second an my third, there he asked me if he could call me on the phone to discuss with me what iboga could do for me.
he answered all my questions even the ones i did not ask, ECHU you are really great. Then i ordered the Iboga products for my treatment, and i have to say i was also impressed how soon the Courier was at my doorstep. So then I have called my sitter and said the iboga was arrived and if we could start the treatment as soon as she had the time. That was 2 days later. I have undergo the treatment and 3 days later I was reborn and felt like I never had felt before.
Now these days I have a good life a job and most of all a reason to life again.


I ordered some RB from IBOGASALES and they called me on the phone this morning and asked me what I wanted it for – I told them for cravings. I wonder if they are trying to keep it out of the hands of kids or verifying the data so they don’t get someone saying someone else used my charge card.

They helped a lot of people – nice fellows at IW.

Chad Lee-USA

Hi again ECHU @ibogasales
Iboga is truly the tree of life.  It is a shame it is not available in every country.  Iboga is nothing close to heroin, cocaine or LSD.  It is a miracle drug to say the least.  It has been a tough recovery post flush (6-18) but I have ZERO cravings for cigarettes, caffeine, opiates or sugar.  I experienced no withdrawal symptoms from the opiates either. The visions I witnessed were simply amazing! Just thought I would let you know that Iboga has helped yet another person in desperate need.
 Keep the word going! Chad Lee-USA


Iboga Customers Satisfaction KIA-USA
Iboga has changed my whole body. I had stopped with eating for 48 hours before I started and this was perfect. Just drank water and soimilk and had a few yoguhrts. In the starting phase I felt asleep and got up totally fit- I thought the trip does not come, cause >I felt so wake and clear. Then I got up and took my last 4-5 puffs of smoke ( I wass so confused) and then Rock n Roll:-)
 vibrations in all kind of styles:-) This was so awasome AND THEY FELT SO FAMILAR to me. Iboga cleared my patters of behaviour and I volmated more then 100 times in 36 hours. I felt how iboga leaned my liver and I had to volmate out the whole fats and toxics.
 Thank you, Iboga World and Iboga so much.
 I change now every small shit in my life and even if it is to do not read consume advertisment.