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Iboga Ta

Iboga Ta. Tabernanthe Iboga TA (Total Alkaloid) Extract from ibogasupply.com contains all the complete full spectrum of all alkaloids of the iboga root bark, but it doesn’t contain any of the wood, which making it far easier to use.

Buy iboga Ta online. It contains about the amount of 70% ibogaine, which will be converted to its HCL form in your stomach. Iboga also contains other psychoactive alkaloids. This includes the components of ibogamine, iboxigaine, gabonine, iboquine, kisantine and ibolutenine.

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About our product

These other compounds have not been studied as much as ibogaine. They definitely play a big role in the power of treatment.  Extracts from ibodasupply.com has a purity between 50% – 60%. So approximately 1.7g – 2g of our TA extract contains the same amount of ibogaine as 1g of ibogaine HCL (Hydrochloride) plus the added bonus of the extra naturally occurring alkaloids.

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Both products from ibogasupply.com and ibogaine HCL provide similar experiences and has roughly the same anti-addictive experience. Customers who are interested in experiencing a full iboga experience without needing to ingest large quantities of rootbark often choose this option as it is far easier on the stomach and liver, whilst providing the same spiritual experience.

What is Iboga?

Iboga is the abbreviated form of Tabernanthe iboga, a little tree/bush found all through the Congo bowl yet fundamentally found in Gabon. Iboga alludes to the root bark that is gathered from the base and underlying foundations of the iboga tree.

The root bark is dried and afterward shaved, and devoured in this crude structure by individuals during Bwiti functions. The root bark contains in any event twelve alkaloids, including ibogaine, ibogamine, ibogaline, tabernanthine, voacangine and coronaridine. Ibogaine is the most bountiful of these alkaloids. There is some proof that probably a portion of different alkaloids, especially ibogamine, potentiate ibogaine through an alleged “escort” impact.

Buy iboga TA online.

The iboga tree has a cooperative relationship with elephants, who eat the leafy foods the seeds. Unfortunately, this relationship has had negative results lately, on account of the illicit ivory exchange.


In the event that you are new to iboga and ibogaine, you may go over individuals discussing “TA”, “PTA” and “HCL”. This is what they mean:

TA represents all out alkaloid. For the individuals who lean toward a characteristic involvement in all the alkaloids present – without burning-through extensive measures of root bark – TA iboga is the most ideal alternative.

Regularly, PTA contains 96% ibogaine, with the rest of among ibogaline and ibogamine.

HCL represents hydrochloride. This alludes to ibogaine hydrochloride – the ibogaine atom short any company potentiating impact of different particles. Ibogaine HCL is the most probable up-and-comer atom for clinical preliminaries with ibogaine, as it is the most controllable.

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    Trying TA for the first time and it’s dope.

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