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Buying iboga. Ibogaine is the psychoactive alkaloid from the root bark of the African SACRED PLANT Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogaine is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. Pure iboga powder.

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In recent years, the knowledge of the ability of Ibogaine has increasingly grown on how to break drug and alcohol addiction. Scientific studies also show that a single administration of Ibogaine can significantly reduce or even remove symptoms of withdrawal. Furthermore, reports and research shows that the desire for the preferred drug(s) are eliminated for either a long period, or permanently.

Psychoactive properties of Ibogaine

Buying iboga online. The psychoactive properties of Ibogaine induce a heightened spiritual experience. Buying iboga. The patient experiences profound insight, giving them clarity into their lives, which motivates them to change on a psychological level and live a drug free lives. Pure iboga powder

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Studies endorse that Ibogaine has considerable potential in the treatment of hard drug addiction for example heroin, methadone, cocaine, crack and alcohol. There are also indications that it is useful in the treatment of tobacco addiction.
Ibogaine also offers opportunities as psychotherapy or spiritual teacher. iboga capsules. In the field of psychotherapy, Ibogaine can use this as a treatment for the effects of trauma or conditioning. Tabernanthe iboga plant for sale.

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The difference between Ibogaine and Iboga root bark is that the root bark alkaloids, contain and include the Ibogaine Tabernanthe from buying iboga. ibogain HCL. Ibogaine however merely contains scientifically recognize alkaloid with the know actions. VOACANGA AFRICANA POWDER

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We at Buy Iboga online specializes in and is commit to supply VERY POTENT QUALITY Tabernanthe Iboga Products. We own our farm here in Cameroon and suppliments in Gabon neighboring countres and the BWITI region where IBOGA is harvest.

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Iboga Tabernanthe Root Bark

Tabernanthe Iboga Root Bark or Iboga is a perennial Rainforest shrub, a hallucinogen native to Cameroon, Gabon and Central Africa. Iboga stimulates the central nervous system when you take in small doses and induce vision when you take in larger doses. In our BWITI REGIONS where the plant grows, the bark is chewed for various pharmacological or ritualistic purposes. Ibogaine, the active alkaloid, is also can use it to treat substance abuse disorders.


  • I just wanted to let you guys know that i’m really impressed with the results so far. Ive went from taking 4mg a day of suboxone to a .25mg in a matter of almost a week. I also went from almost 2 packs of cigarettes a day to not.


  • Its funny. I don’t even remember how i found iboga, or you, but the gift i have received is something i wish every person in the world could feel. In my vision, i stood above the world, looked down and saw millions of people walking on …


  • Thank you so much for all of your help. Ill be needing more the product worked better than anything i have taken. I didn’t even throw up. Well 12 hours later but who counts that…